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Team Official & On Ice Requirement Qualifications

CMHA Team Official Qualification Requirements

All team officials must have completed their required certification courses prior to participation.

Each team, regardless of division and level, MUST have completed their required certification courses prior to participation.

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On Ice Helper Requirements

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All Team Officials require:

Criminal Record Checks - Due no later than Sept. 1 for all Team Officials.  This must be obtained prior to being on the bench.  See link under "Safety and Respect", or click the link above.  If the CRC is not by obtained by then, the team official may be suspended from team involvement, until it's been received.

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Click Here -> To complete respect in sport - Leader course (RIS)

Each team MUST have:

-At least one HCSP person (certification is valid for 3 years)

-One qualified Head Coach (with Coach 1, 2, or Dev 1 as applicable)

-One rostered manager

ANYONE dealing directly with the players must have Respect in Sport - Leader (the Team Official version for Coach/Managers, NOT the Parent version) All parents must participate in the Sportsmanship Starts in the Stands (Click here) by viewing the video and completed Code of Conduct forms.  Ideally, you would host this at a team meeting.

CMHA also recommends at least one parent with first aid training - clinic is available under the safety ^ respect tab (a first responder such as a paramedic, etc. may serve as a first aid attendant)



From time to time, minor hockey teams enlist older hockey players, or other volunteers to assist with practices, scrimmages and other activities.  It's important, to ensure that insurance is in place, by following the below guidelines:

  1. Any on-ice helpers must be a current registered member of BC Hockey/Hockey Canada.  If the individual is not currently registered through a BC Hockey Member, or as an Associate Member, the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) needs to be updated to include this person on the roster as a "volunteer" with the team(s).
  2. All on-ice helpers, must wear a CSA certified helmet with a chin strap fastened and appropriate face protection required for the player's level of play.  A certified neck guard must also be worn by all minor hockey aged players, assisting as an on-ice helper.
  3. 14 years of age and below on-ice helpers, MUST wear full gear.  All other helpers: 15 years and up, must wear what is appropriate to their division
  4. Any helper who is not a BC Hockey minor, or junior player MUST have Respect in Sport - Leader (RIS) certification, Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) and a criminal record check (CRC).  This includes any individual who is helping out with the team and/or who is in contact with the kids.
  5. Non-members offering coaching, or other on-ice help for a fee are not volunteers and must become an Associate Member prior to participation.  A person working in this capacity should not be rostered with a MHA.
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