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Volunteering, Deposits, & Frequently asked questions

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Volunteer Policy Overview

At CMHA, we place great value on the contributions of our parent volunteers. We sincerely acknowledge and appreciate the vital role they play in running our program for the benefit of our children. Without the generous support of our parent volunteers, it would be challenging to maintain the quality and success of our organization.

The fulfillment of our mission and the positive experience of our members depend significantly on the dedication of our volunteers. To ensure an equitable distribution of responsibilities, CMHA has instituted a volunteer deposit system. This system has been instrumental in ensuring that various positions are adequately filled, preventing any shortage of support that could potentially hinder a child's participation in our program. By relying on volunteers, we can effectively manage the costs associated with maintaining a well-run association, eliminating the need for substantial expenses related to paid staff.

The volunteer deposit program has a proven track record of success in more established sports organizations, as it guarantees a sufficient number of volunteers to support the association's activities while fairly distributing the workload across multiple families. The value assigned to the CMHA volunteer deposit aligns with those of comparable local sports groups, ensuring consistency within our community.

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FAQ: Volunteering

The mandatory volunteering policy at CMHA is rooted in the history of our association's operations. Previously, a significant portion of the responsibilities, both at the organizational level and within divisions, was managed by the Executive Board and a small group of dedicated and reliable parents who consistently stepped up to assist. However, serving on the Executive Board demands a substantial time commitment, often reaching up to 20 hours per week during busy periods.

To address the workload distribution and ensure fairness, the board decided to seek support from our member families. The mandate for volunteering is driven by the desire to encourage active participation from all member families. By having a clear and organized allocation of tasks, we can maximize efficiency in managing the work and planning various activities.

We acknowledge that each family faces unique challenges that may make volunteering challenging to fit into their schedules. Nevertheless, our collective efforts ensure that the necessary work is accomplished, benefiting the entire CMHA community and enhancing the experience for our young athletes.

FAQ: Deposits

We require a deposit for the volunteer requirements for the same reason we request deposits for returning jerseys - to ensure the fulfillment of commitments. The executive board considers the deposit as a reminder of the importance we place on parents sharing the workload of volunteering. It eliminates the need for constant follow-ups or chasing parents who haven't signed up for volunteer opportunities. It is essential to emphasize that the deposit is not a fee; rather, it is a post-dated cheque, due on April 1st.

FAQ: Filling Shifts

We focus on the effort put into volunteering rather than a specific number of hours. CMHA values the commitment and dedication of our parents, and we appreciate any amount of time you can contribute to support the association.

FAQ: Volunteering Obligations

"Association" hours refer to volunteer activities that directly assist CMHA in its day-to-day operations. It's essential to understand that these volunteering hours are in addition to any tournament shifts you may be assigned and any team-based duties such as time-keeping, score-keeping, or other tasks requested by your team's manager. Fulfilling your association hours obligations does not replace your responsibility to fill tournament shifts and support your team. There are only three roles that fulfill all three levels of volunteering obligations (association, tournament, and team): Coach, Manager, and Executive Board Members.

FAQ: For Managers

If a parent has completed their association hours but refuses to fulfill team-based duties such as tournament shifts or other team-related activities, addressing this situation falls under the discretion of the Team (Coach/Manager). As per the policy, potential actions to address such cases include applying to the Executive Board to suspend player eligibility, withholding team fees refunds, or imposing additional fines levied by the team.

Further Questions

If you have read through this FAQ thoroughly and still have a question, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator through the contact form below. If you have not read through the FAQ, please take a look to see if your question has already been answered.

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