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Meet Our Development Team

Technical Operations Coordinator: Jordan Gould

Meet Jordan Gould, a devoted educator and the longest-standing Rep coach in CMHA. Jordan is no stranger to CMHA, having played minor hockey with Coquitlam. After years of coaching various age groups, Jordan has shifted his focus to assume the role of Head Coach (HC) with the goal of establishing a robust development program for CMHA. This transition aligns perfectly with his innate passion for teaching and guiding young athletes.

For the past 18 years, Jordan has served as a Tech Ed teacher at Minnekhada Middle School in Port Coquitlam. This extensive teaching experience has equipped him with invaluable skills in mentorship, communication, and program development. Leveraging his expertise acquired from his involvement with Canlan, RPM, and CMHA Development, Jordan is eager to create and implement programs that challenge players while maintaining an emphasis on enjoyment and fun. He firmly believes that hockey, ultimately, is a game that should bring joy and fulfillment to those who participate.

In addition to his new role as TOC, Jordan will also be co-coaching the U11 A1 team this year. Taking on these dual responsibilities allows him to contribute directly to the development of players at both the U11 and U13 age groups.

A pivotal aspect of Jordan's responsibilities also includes overseeing the U18 Mentorship program. This role allows him to provide guidance and support to young athletes as they navigate their hockey journey. By sharing his knowledge and experience, Jordan aims to foster a culture of mentorship within CMHA, empowering older players to guide and inspire their younger counterparts.

With Jordan Gould at the helm, CMHA is poised for significant growth in player development. His extensive background in education, coupled with his unwavering dedication to the sport, positions him as a catalyst for positive change within the organization. By prioritizing enjoyment, skill development, and mentorship, Jordan is set to create a lasting impact on the young athletes under his care.

Contact Jordan: dev.coordinator2@coqmha.org