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FIrst Aid Attendant

First Aid Training

CMHA would like a First Aid attendant on each team.  For those teams  who do not have a First  Responder or First Aid certified person, CMHA provide a reimbursement for basic emergency first aid training for all of its teams.   Ideally, this would be the HCSP.  First aid training will become a required part of this HCSP position in the coming years.  A common problem with recruiting a volunteer for the position of HCSP is an apparent lack of confidence in dealing with medical emergencies.  Formal first aid training may be a way of addressing this shortcoming.  For the most part, the HCSP is not a first aid attendant.  They are there to manage risk, and appoint somebody with the appropriate level of training or knowledge to deal with medical emergencies.

In the event a team does not have any professional medical parents (doctor, nurse, first responders), then CMHA will require a volunteer to complete an Emergency First Aid course. Once you have paid for and completed the course, request a reimbursement from your team manager.  Teams are required to have an attendant in place no later than December 1st.