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Criminal Record Checks

CRCs are due September 1st

Click to order a no-cost CRC from the Government of BC using code '6U5AKYGDY9'

Who Needs a CRC?

All individuals applying for or holding the title of coach, assistant coach, safety person, trainer, manager, and anyone else determined by the Risk Manager shall be subject to a Criminal Record Check ('CRC'), which include the Vulnerable Sector Screening and a search of the National Sex Offender Registry

How do I get a CRC?

  1. CMHA is partnered with the Province of British Columbia to provide a no-cost  Criminal Record Review Program. The process is easy, very fast, and private. Visit the Government of British Columbia Department of Justice website (https://justice.gov.bc.ca/criminalrecordcheck) using code 6U5AKYGDY9.
  2. If you require an in-person check via the RCMP please contact the Risk Manager for a volunteer letter.  CMHA will not reimburse funds for an RCMP CRC if the volunteer letter has not been requested.  

How often do I need to do a CRC?

You will need to renew your Criminal Record Check in two (2) years to meet BC Hockey requirements, not the five (5) years noted on the application.

Important Notes

  • If you are a new applicant or if your current CRC is expiring within the season, please ensure the results are submitted to the CMHA Risk Manager no later than September 1st.
  • Keep in mind that it can take several days before it arrives in the Risk Manager inbox for review after you have started the process.
  • Failure to submit the required CRC within the timeline and framework set out in this policy may, at the discretion of the CMHA Risk Manager, result in the individual being deemed ineligible to hold the above positions and being suspended or terminated from the position without prior notice.
  • The Risk Manager is the only person authorized to review your information, and it will remain strictly confidential.

Thank you for your efforts with CMHA and for keeping our kids safe.