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Equipment Manager - equip@coqmha.org

Risk Manager - riskmgr@coqmha.org


We must manage our equipment budget closely.  Each team has been given 20 pucks and a bag.  These must be returned by the end of the season.  Please take the time to pick up pucks that go over the glass, or get a kid too.  Use team funds to replace any throughout the season and before you return items at the end of the season.



There are goaltending equipment sizing changes.

This will primarily effect senior size equipment as intermediate and below are usually within the guidelines.

Goaltenders requiring CMHA equipment 

If you need to borrow any CMHA goalie equipment for the upcoming season, please let the Equipment Manager know by the end of June, so that the sizing changes be accommodated.  If you require any CMHA equipment, or a part time goalie (also playing out of the net) you will be required to pay full fees for the season.  Goalies who are full-time and have all of their own equipment, are only required to pay half of their division registration fees.  Rep fees and hitting clinics are not eligible.


mandatory cmha hockey equipment checks

CMHA conducts mandatory equipment checks for all players, at the FIRST designated ice session.  All players must pass the equipment check before gaining access to the ice.  Please arrive ONE HOUR prior to your first ice time, to complete the cheque.  (Please note: You will also need to bring some documentation.  For ex. A telephone or Hydro bill, to verify Coquitlam residency).  Any player found to be on the ice without first passing an equipment check, will be called off the ice.  This may result in not being permitted to return, for the remainder of the session.  We want to ensure that every player with CMHA starts the season off safely and securely equipped.  This does not mean you have to have the newest gear possible.  Older gear is fine, as long as it does the job.  The following information is intended to assist you in evaluating your gear and to avoid getting benched, because of it.  We're also including some tips that we hope you'll find worth reading.


Equipment checklist

Equipment Check Tips

Helmets, sticks and poor fit, are the most common causes of equipment check failures.  The adhesive used on non-manufacturer stickers applied to helmets, may not meet the helmet manufacturer's standards, rendering the CSA certification and manufacturer warranties void.  Remove them, but leave the original manufacturer's stickers in place.  Check carefully for missing, or loose screws and ensure the "J" clips (on the top left and right, where the face mask attaches to the helmet) are in place and functional (clips onto face guard and shock absorbs, when guard is pushed upward against helmet).  Don't bring a disintegrating ball hockeyed stick to the rink.  Put enough wraps of tape on the butt end, to ensure it won't fit through a face guard.  Avoid the temptation to buy equipment that a player will someday "grow into".  This can expose a player to unnecessary risk and significantly diminish his/her equipment and on-ice performance.  If buying a pre-packaged set of ice-hockey equipment for a younger player, you may find some of the items fit, but others do not.  Ask the vendor to let you check the quality and fit of each individual piece before you buy.  Road/street hockey gear is not an acceptable substitute for ice hockey gear.