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Clinic Reimbursement Instructions


All manager/HCSP clinic reimbursements, bank charges, travel rebates, misc credits (except coaching clinics & certs), will be transferred out to teams at the end of the season (after March 31), provided your VP/DC has approved your Team Reimbursement Jotform by March 25th.

- Deadline to submit the reimbursement requests is March 20th - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Late submissions will not be processed!
- Do not send in multiple Jotforms throughout the season.  Submit one Jotform at the end of the season for all reimbursements.

MANAGERS: Please reimburse your rostered volunteer Team Officials for their Respect in Sport Leader (Max 2 - manager & HCSP) and 1 HCSP clinic (Max 1) clinics directly from your Team Bank Account.  Coaches must submit their RISAL with their coaching certs Jotform - they will be paid by CMHA directly - do not reimburse coaches from the team account!

  • If your coach ONLY renewed their RISAL and took no coach clinics, they must submit the RISAL to you.  If they took coach clinics AND RISAL, they must submit RISAL WITH their coach clinics to the Coach Coordinator.

Please note that the Association covers any required clinics for volunteer rostered officials only to a maximum of 1 HCSP, 2 Assistant Coaches, 1 Head Coach and 1 Manager.
- CMHA does not cover certs for On-ice helpers or coaches receiving honorariums of any amount, including Jr Coaches.


Coach Post Task Submission & Reimbursement Instructions are listed under Coaches Corner