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Clinic Reimbursement Instructions

All clinic reimbursements to teams except coaching clinics, will be provided in January, provided your cheque requisition is sent to your Division Director or Coordinator, no later than December 15.

Coaching clinic reimbursements will be mailed out by cheque, at the end of the season (after March 31)

Please note that the Association covers any required clinics for volunteered rostered officials only to a maximum of 1 HCSP, 2 Assistant Coaches, 1 Head Coach and 1 Manager.

Team Managers:

Please reimburse your rostered volunteer Team Officials for their Respect in Sport Leader (Max 5) and 1 HCSP clinic (Max 1) clinics directly from your Team Bank Account.

Once all of your officials are certified and rostered, please submit a cheque requisition together with copies of the clinic receipts and a listing of payments for refund to your DC or DD and then your team will be reimbursed to you Team Bank Account.

Please submit the following to your Division Coordinator for approval:

  1. Completed Cheque Requisition
  2. Copies of receipts of payment for clinic

Your coordinator will submit for payment.


Coach Post Task Submission & Reimbursement Instructions are listed under Coaches Corner

Cheque Requisition for Clinic Reimbursement