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Todd Seymour Memorial Award - Most Promising Official
Todd Seymour was a CMHA player and a dedicated official who passed away in a car accident during his final year with CMHA. This award will be given to a first year official who shows dedication, commitment and promise.
Tomio Oshika
Irving Kostyniuk Memorial Award - Official of the Year
Irv was a tireless workhorse where officiating was concerned even (even considering he did not have a child playing in CMHA and couldn't skate!!! He laid the foundation for many of the protocols and programs we use today in not only the lower mainland but BC Hockey. Irv attended our inaugural naming of the award in his name but unfortunately passed away soon after. There has been a scholarship set up by a donation from his family for lasting recognition of Irv's contribution to officiating. 
Cooper Askew
Jevon Clarke Midget Rep Award 
The Jevon Clarke Midget Rep award was named after a CMHA player who was the epitomy of dedication to the game, strong leadership and great sportsmanship. 
This award will alternate each year between a graduating “A1” player in the even year and a graduating “A2” or “A3” player in the odd year. Coaches along with the appropriate Vice President will nominate the player to be honoured with this award.
Jake Kubicsek
Nigel McKenzie Bantam C 
Nigel, a Bantam “C” player in CMHA, died in a car accident during a ski trip. In his honour a second year Bantam “C” player who demonstrates good sportsmanship, leadership and all around good play
Corbin Humphry
Dennis Holt Bantam AAA
Dennis was an “Oldtimer” hockey player in Coquitlam, who passed away in the Coquitlam Annex rink playing the game he loved. This award is given to an inspiring second year Bantam A1 player who demonstrates strong leadership and a passion for the game of hockey
Ryder Finley
Mike Mattrick Inspirational Award
Because this award is a celebration of individuals who embrace life with a cheerful attitude, nominees have displayed a positive outlook in the face of personal challenges. These challenges come from real life, ranging from seemingly insignificant challenges, to challenges of the most severe kind. The nominee has shown courage, perseverance, dedication and spirit. brightening the lives of others that may or may not share his/her challenge Most importantly, through his/her conduct in the face of their challenges, the nominee has been an inspiration to others.
Jordan Cupit
Doug Shantz Award - "A" Coach of the Year
A1/A2/A3 Coach – This annual award is presented to the A coach who showed outstanding contribution and leadership during the course of the year
Jonathan Choy - U11 A3
Cal Sookachoff Memorial "C" Coach of the Year 
This memorial award is named after Cal Sookachoff, a CMHA coach who passed away in April 2014. This annual award is presented to the "C" Coach who showed outstanding contribution and leadership during the course of the year
Murray Ducheminski - U11 C4
Initiation / Novice Coach of the Year 
This annual award is presented to the Initiation or Novice coach who showed outstanding contribution and leadership during the course of the year
Scott Leduc - U9 C6
Marc Lalonde Memorial Scholarship Award
Aidan Grewal
Outstanding Service - Volunteer: 
Chris Novy
Outstanding Service - Executive:
Eryn Tite
Special Recognition Award
Amanda Dishaw 


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